Computer Networking and Cybersecurity: A Guide to Understanding Communications Systems, Internet Connections, and Network Security Along with Protection from Hacking and Cybersecurity Threats

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If you want to learn the basics of computer networking and how to protect yourself from cyber attacks, then pay attention…

Part one of this audiobook delivers a variety of computer networking-related topics to be easily understood by beginners. It focuses on enabling you to create a strong foundation of concepts of some of the most popular topics in this area.

We have provided a one-stop highway to learning about the fundamentals of computer networking, internet connectivity, cybersecurity, and hacking.

In part two, you will take a journey into the world of cybercrimes and cybersecurity. The information is designed to help you understand the different forms of hacking and what you can do to prevent being hacked. By the end of this part, you may decide to pursue a career in the domain of information security.

In part two, you will discover the following:

The importance of cybersecurityA brief history of cybercrime, the different types, and its evolution over the yearsThe various types of cyberattacks executed over the internetThe secrets of phishing attacks and how you can protect yourself against themThe different kinds of malware that exist in the digital worldThe fascinating tools to identify and tackle malwareRansomware and how attackers leverage technology to make moneyThe nine security testing methods you can learn to doNetwork security, web application security, and smartphone securityExamples of different types of hacks and past incidents to emphasize the need for cybersecurity

The topics outlined in this audiobook are delivered in a language easy to understand and constantly piquing your interest so that you will want to explore the topics presented even more.

So, if you want to learn about computer networking and cybersecurity in an efficient way, then scroll up and click the “buy now” button!

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