Cyber Security AI Conference

SecurityWeek to Host Cyber AI & Automation Summit on December 6th

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Virtual conference will explore cybersecurity use-cases for artificial intelligence (AI) technology and the race to protect LLM algorithms from adversarial use.

SecurityWeek will host its 2023 Cyber AI & Automation Summit on December 6, 2023 as a fully immersive virtual conference, showcasing prominent technologists discussing the burgeoning AI-powered security landscape.

AI Cybersecurity Conference

The Cyber AI & Automation Summit will feature keynotes and editorial presentations from Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), software developers, policy analysts, government representatives and C-level executives exploring the implications and applications of predictive artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, and automation in modern cybersecurity programs.

“Generative-AI is here and it’s for real. We’re starting to see some exciting use-cases emerge to reduce security vulnerabilities or dig deeper for open-source bugs. Everyone needs to pay close attention to the power of AI,†said Ryan Naraine, Editor-at-Large at SecurityWeek.   

The event will delve into the transformative potential of AI, use-cases in malware hunting and threat-intelligence, the workflow when computers take on developer tasks, government policy and regulations, intellectual property protection and privacy implications.

Attendees from around the world will be able to huddle with others to discuss the benefits and risks of deploying machine learning and predictive AI tools in the enterprise, the threat from adversarial AI and deep fakes, and preparation for the inevitable compliance and regulations from policy makers.

Registration is open and free for business users to attend.

Sponsorships are available for companies looking to reach and engage with a large audience of enterprise cybersecurity professionals.

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