Cybersecurity Defensive Operations-Leadership

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Job title: Cybersecurity Defensive Operations-Leadership


Job description: The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is recruiting professionals to support a range of technical and leadership roles in Cybersecurity Defensive Operations – Intelligence Collection & Analysis as well as Planning, Execution & Analysis, including Cyber Operations Lead, All Source-Collection Manager, All Source-Collection Requirements Manager and Network Operations Security Center Lead. All positions are in the DHS Cybersecurity Service.There are a variety of Cybersecurity Defensive Operations opportunities across the Department, including supporting several specialized programs at the , , , and .

Depending on your career level and role, DHS Cybersecurity Service employees in the Leadership Career Track, with a technical capability in Cybersecurity Defensive Operations, may apply their expertise to perform a range of tasks, including:

  • Leading the creation and implementation of end-to-end tactical and strategic level cyber defense operations plans based on technical cybersecurity expertise, applicable policies, and rules of engagement.
  • Overseeing and directing actions and reports around immediate remediation and containment processes.
  • Leading development of primary and contingency action plans, organizing teams to select the most appropriate and effective methods of defense/attack that align with operational protocols.
  • Employing senior-level knowledge of national strategies, plans, policies, and directives for offensive and/or defensive cyber operations including but not limited to U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Directive 3600.1, Director of Central Intelligence Directives (DCIDs), National Security Presidential Directives (NSPDs), Homeland Security Presidential Directives (NSPDs).
  • Maintaining and leveraging a robust network of cyber defenders as well as other intelligence components to better understand identified intrusion sets and deviations and to build better defensive cybersecurity strategies.
  • Supervising teams, projects, and employees in the application of reverse malware analysis and engineering techniques to prevent incidents or mitigate threats to DHS or Federal systems and networks.
  • Managing teams and efforts to identify, gather, and disseminate information on cyber threats from security data and all-source intelligence.
  • Organizing and supervising the collection of information needs and requirements of customers and overseeing the execution of plans and strategies to meet those needs.
  • Providing leadership and subject matter expertise to cyber intelligence collection and analysis efforts to inform and execute DHS or Federal government-wide cyber operations.
  • Managing and contributing expertise to the development of high-level intelligence products – including written reports or briefings – coordinating with teams and counterparts in the intelligence community to report to a variety of audiences, including government officials and other decision makers, planners, or network defenders.
  • Delivering intelligence briefings and other relevant communications to senior Department leaders, external stakeholders, and high-level officials in federal agencies or entities that influence policy making (e.g., Congress, OMB, White House councils) on matters of security and cyber defense to explain and defend policies and programs or guide alternative courses of action.
  • Serving as leader and administrative supervisor to subordinate cyber defense teams, overseeing subordinates’ technical development and work and ensuring their impact is focused on DHS cyber defense objectives.
  • Driving the development and tracking of cybersecurity defensive operations team goals, ensuring both alignment with DHS’s strategic goals and individual accomplishments and outcomes.

This position is in the Leadership Track across a range of career levels. Employees in this career track generally:

  • Have between 5-15 years of cybersecurity work experience.
  • Have between 0-5 years of cybersecurity leadership experience.
  • Are capable of serving as a seasoned cybersecurity manager who oversees multiple DHS or Federal cybersecurity programs or DHS organizations, including employees and contract resources, through subordinate managers.

DHS Cybersecurity Service employees with a technical capability in Cybersecurity Defensive Operations will generally:

  • Integrate, manage, and execute all aspects of the cyberattack lifecycle to inform cyber defense operations.
  • Plan and execute cybersecurity defense operations to protect assets.
  • Facilitate the flow and assessment of key intelligence data.
  • Determine system security monitoring and incoming intelligence feeds based on dynamic security environment.
  • Oversee immediate remediation and containment processes.

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This position is focused on Cybersecurity Defensive Operations- Intelligence Collection & Analysis and Planning, Execution & Analysis.

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Location: Pensacola, FL

Job date: Sat, 28 Oct 2023 07:39:43 GMT

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