Firewalla: Cyber Security Firewall for Home & Business, Protect Network from Malware and Hacking | Smart Parental Control | Block Ads | VPN Server and Client | No Monthly Fee (Purple SE)

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Price: $239.00
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Product Description


Firewalla Purple SE is a compact and powerful network security device that offers intrusion detection, ad blocking, content filtering, and network analytics. It is easy to set up and manage through a mobile app, making it an ideal solution for home or small business users who want comprehensive security without complexity. Firewalla Purple SE can prevent intrusion up to 500 Mbps. There is no monthly fee!

Advanced Router and Bridge Mode:

Smart queuePolicy based routingNetwork performance monitoringVLAN support

Major Functions

Real-time intrusion detection and preventionAd and tracking script blockingContent filtering with custom rulesEasy mobile app setup and managementNetwork analytics and monitoringBandwidth usage trackingDevice health monitoringNetwork SegmentationBuilt-in VPN WireGuard and OpenVPN ServerVPN Client, route traffic anywhere

Simple to Use

Plug and play installation, multiple ways to connect.Cyber-security as simple as tapping on a few buttonsApp supporting iOS and Android Devices

Professional Features

One app managing multiple FirewallaSee every single IP connection from any device

Firewalla Specifications

Dedicated hardware for cybersecurity <= 500 MbitFour core ARM CPU, 2x routable ethernet ports, 2GB memory, 16GB EMMCPlease see manufacturer website for router compatibility list



All-in-one Solution

This compact box gives you full control of your home network and is packed with features to protect you on the Internet.

Plugs into your router, no need to replace it!Dedicated appliance with 64bit Quad Core CPU dedicated for security.More memory than many high-end routers.Cloud intelligence for better protection.500 Mb packet processing with IPS/IDS/Active Protect on


Simple and Powerful

Firewalla makes cybersecurity as simple as tapping on a few buttons. At the same time, power users can manipulate IP addresses, domain names, and see packets flowing on the network.

Plug and play installation, multiple ways to connect.App supporting iOS and Android Devices.See and dissect network flows of any device.Know exactly which domain or device is consuming the bandwidth.Access your home network anywhere in the world with encryptionPowerful for business and professional users.




Cyber Security

Intrusion Detection and Prevention, alerts you of active cyberattacks and blocks them if needed.Intelligent behavior analytics for abnormal behavior warning.Actively blocks malicious sites.Continuously scans your home for security vulnerabilities and risks.

Parental Control

Activity based control, stop gaming, social networking, or cut off internet with a single tap.See exactly what your kids are doing online: website, gaming, or social.Automatically alarm/block malicious and adult content.”Social hour” to block social networks for one hour. More time for the family.

See your network in motion

Deep dive into any device.Hourly, daily, monthly bandwidth usage summary.Know exactly which domain is consuming the bandwidth.Full access to network flows

Processing Speed
500 Mbit 500 Mbit

64 bit 64 bit

2048 MB 2048 MB

Router Mode
No Yes

Network Segmentation
No Yes

COMPLETE CYBERSECURITY PROTECTION – Firewalla’s unique intrusion prevention system (IDS and IPS) protects all of your home wire and wireless internet of things devices from threats like viruses, malware, hacking, phishing, and unwanted data theft when you’re using public WiFi. It’s the simple and affordable solution for families, professionals and businesses. Let Firewalla’s built-in OpenVPN server keeps your device usage as secure as it is in your home.
PARENTAL CONTROL AND FAMILY PROTECT – The days of pulling the power cord from the dusty old router are behind you; with just a few taps on the smartphone, you can see what they’re doing, cut off all access, or cut off only gaming or social networks. Turn on Family Protect to filter and block adult and malicious content, keep internet activities healthy and safe.
ROUTER MODE – Use the Purple SE as your main router for advanced features including: policy based routing to forward traffic anyway you want, smart queue to decongest your network and prioritize important network traffic, or network health monitoring, all of which give you control over your network and ensure that your network is performing at the optimal capacity and quality.
DEEP INSIGHT – Firewalla uses deep insight and cloud-based behavior analytics engines to actively detect and automatically block problems as they arise. From this continuous monitoring, you’ll have full visibility of activities across all your iot devices and the ability to identify full network flows, bandwidth analysis, and internet troubleshooting. Keeping your internet secure, and hack free.

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