10 Best Bot Protection Software 2023

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Bot Protection Software

Bot protection software or bot mitigation software plays a vital role in protecting websites and web apps from malicious traffic.

A ‘bot’ (short for robot), is a software program that performs automated, repetitious, pre-defined tasks.

Bots typically imitate or replace human behavior.

Because they’re automated, operate important faster than human users.

The Bot Detection software helps to thwart these bots.

Good bots perform useful functions, similar to client service or indexing hunt machines; however, they can also come in the form of malware which is used to gain total control over a computer.

Internet bots can also be referred to as spiders, crawlers, or web bots.

They perform malicious activities such as “content scraping, credential & property theft, Email address harvesting, Click fraud, and others”.

What can Bot Protection Software Do?

Generally, bots have a predefined trigger that notifies them to start working, such as a particular keyword or an event like a message sent on social media. 

Accordingly, bots work over a network and use internet-based services to do so – such as instant messaging, and interfaces like Twitterbots or Internet Relay Chat (IRC). 

Bots are made from sets of algorithms that help them to perform their tasks.

The processes a bot performs must be ruled-based and logical, with well-defined inputs and outputs.

Is Bot a Spyware?

Bot software can be used for both good and bad purposes.

Lots of bots provide legitimate benefits to users, while others are designed to install spyware or steal sensitive data.

A good bot can answer your questions quickly or give you relevant search results, whereas a bad one could perform spearphishing. Here is the best bot protection Tools to stop bad bots.

Bot Protection Software Key Features
1. AppTrana 1. Uncover Vulnerabilities Non-Stop
2. Patch Vulnerabilities Immediately
3. Checks for False Positives
4. Custom Patches
2. Cloudflare Bot Management 1. Ability to collect data from billions of requests
2. Machine learning 
3. Behavioral analysis
4. Provides an effective allowlist of good bots or blocklist of bad bots.
3. HUMAN Bot Defender 1. Protects Online Revenue
2. Protects websites, mobile applications, and APIs
3. Reduce Risk
4. Reduce Fraud
4. Imperva Advanced Bot Protection 1. Business risk reduction
2. Flexible deployment
3. Defense-in-depth solution
4. Single stack platform
5. F5 Shape Security 1. Provides persistent and secure login experience
2. Focuses on commercial fraud
3. Protect against Fake accounts
4. Credentials stuffing
6. BitNinja 1. Resource-friendly approach 
2. Automated process
3. Powerful and effective
4. Protection from DDoS attacks
7 Reblaze Bot Management 1. DDoS blocker
2. High-speed scans
3. Fraud detection
4. Account takeover identification
8. SpamTitan 1. Spambot blacklist
2. Phishing and impersonation detection
3. Malware blocking
4. Advanced Phishing Protection
9 Radware Bot Manager 1. Intent-based deep Behavioral Analysis
2. Embedded machine-learning Modules
3. Device and Browser Fingerprinting
4. Anomaly Detection based on automated Identification
10. Mailwasher 1. Delete e-mails before Downloading
2. Easy to use – familiar look and feel
3. Easily Preview Messages

Best Bot Protection Software Tools

  • AppTrana
  • Cloudflare Bot Management
  • HUMAN Bot Defender
  • Imperva Advanced Bot Protection
  • F5 Shape Security
  • BitNinja
  • Reblaze Bot Management
  • SpamTitan
  • Radware Bot Manager
  • Mailwasher

AppTrana is a perfect application security solution from Indusface.

It detects application-layer vulnerabilities with web application scanning.

It protects them immediately with a web application firewall and monitors traffic constantly through proprietary machine learning algorithms with its internal security experts blocking emerging threats and DDoS attacks

AppTrana provides an integrated solution of CDN, Bot Protection Tools, DDoS Mitigation, and WAF, ensuring comprehensive protection for APIs and web applications.

This ensures that any API abuse attacks are protected with its Bot/DDoS behavior-based anomaly detection policies.

Further, with ongoing updates and custom rules, it best fits the business requirements.

All of this with 24/7 experts support to ensure zero false positives.

Indusface is the only vendor to be named Customers’ Choice for WAAP in all 7 segments of the Gartner VoC 2022 Report

Thus, AppTrana provides risk-based protection by blocking malicious traffic at the edge.

It combines DDoS, API risk, and Bot mitigation solutions to ensure 24/7 protection against emerging threats.

Key Features

  • Uncover Vulnerabilities Non-Stop
  • Patch Vulnerabilities Immediately
  • Checks for False Positives
  • Custom Patches

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Simple configuration with most of the required features like DDoS protection, Bot attack, etc Although the basic version is free, the premium version is quite expensive.
Cost is affordable

Demo video


you can get a free trial and personalized demo from here..

Indusface – Free Demo/ Trial

. Cloudflare Bot Management

‘Bot Management’ is blocking malicious internet traffic while still allowing useful bots to access web properties by detecting activity, discerning between desirable and undesirable bot behavior, and identifying the sources of the undesirable activity.

Some botnets are much harder to spot and require looking at multiple dimensions of request attributes over a long time, and at times a single request attribute could give them away.

Cloudflare Bot Management addressed multiple products and technical requirements with one strike – it’s simple, flexible, and configurable, and it provides customers with telemetry about bots on a per-request basis”

Undetected malicious bots can damage your brand, steal sensitive information, take over accounts, and negatively impact your revenue.

Too much bot traffic can put a heavy load on web servers, slowing or denying service to legitimate users.

Key Features

  • Ability to collect data from billions of requests flowing through its network
  • Machine learning 
  • Behavioral analysis
  • Provides an effective allowlist of good bots or blocklist of bad bots.
  • Extensive IP reputation database

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Free version available Visitor scans can take a lot of time
The large client list for incident sharing Combined Dashboard
Free SSL certificate and SSL management Pro Plans are quite expensive
Speedy delivery

Demo video

Cloudflare – Free Demo/ Trial

HUMAN Bot Defender

HUMAN Bot Defender, formerly PerimeterX is a behavior-based bot mitigation software that protects your websites, mobile applications, and APIs from automated attacks, safeguarding your online revenue, reducing the risk of data breaches, and improving operational efficiency.

It protects your website, mobile applications, and APIs from Account Takeover, Skewed Analytics, Carding, Web Scraping, and Denial of Inventory.

Further, it maintains your brand reputation, avoids costs associated with bad bots, and increases your users’ trust by stopping bot attacks against your web applications.

It helps to increase customer loyalty, maintain a competitive edge, protect SEO ranking, and make enhanced business decisions by detecting automated threats and blocking malicious bots.

This also allows your team to focus on innovation and growth, and save on resource consumption by blocking unwanted bot traffic at the edge and optimizing the use and performance of your web infrastructure.

Key Features

  • Protects Online Revenue
  • Protects websites, mobile applications, and APIs
  • Reduce Risk
  • Reduce Fraud

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Integrates easily with systems The dashboard is slow and at times inconsistent
Doesn’t require much time to dynamically respond to bot waves User-friendliness can be improved
Complete protection for the Website

Demo video


Human Bot Defender – Free Demo/ Trial

Imperva Advanced Bot Protection

Imperva Bot detection software is a key component of a comprehensive Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) stack including Imperva’s CDN, WAF, DDoS, and Advanced Bot Protection.

Imperva’s Advanced Bot Protection software protects mission-critical websites, mobile apps, and APIs from automated threats and online fraud without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic.

By constantly monitoring online traffic, it protects every aspect of your web applications against any attempt at fraudulent activity.

It defends customers against web scraping, account takeover, scalping, transaction fraud, gift card fraud, denial of service, competitive data mining, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, click fraud, and web and mobile API abuse.

Imperva’s unique, more holistic approach provides the vigilant service, superior technology, and industry expertise needed for full visibility and control over human, good bot, and bad bot traffic.

Key Features

  • Business risk reduction
  • Flexible deployment
  • Defense-in-depth solution
  • Single stack platform

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Ability to whitelist and backlisting User-friendliness can be improved
Fast and reliable Pro Plans are quite expensive
Efficient With added AI, interactive conversation and detection can be made easy
Simple to setup and easy to use

Demo video


you can get a free trial and personalized demo from here..

Imperva – Free Demo/ Trial

F5 Shape Security

The Shape technology platform stops automated fraud and other attacks on web and mobile applications, including credential stuffing, account takeover, scraping, and unauthorized aggregation.

The shape is one of the largest processors of login traffic in the world, protects more than 1.3 billion user accounts, and prevented more than $1 billion in fraud losses the previous year.

It leverages artificial intelligence and machine learning, among other technologies, to accurately find out in real-time if an application request is from a fraudulent source, and if so, effectively mitigate it.

The world’s leading banks, airlines, retailers, hotel chains, and federal agencies rely on Shape as their primary line of defense against sophisticated cybercrime.

When the new countermeasures are deployed, 5%-10% of attackers will normally attempt to retool and start a new attack. Shape solutions adapt and maintain full efficacy even as attackers evolve.

Key Features

  • Provides persistent and secure login experience
  • Focuses on commercial fraud
  • Protect against Fake accounts, credentials stuffing, content scraping, etc

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Easy to set up and has no maintenance requirements Doesn’t block DDoS attacks
Protects websites, mobile apps, and APIs Doesn’t block Web attacks
Uses AI for low false-positive reporting

Demo video


you can get a free trial and personalized demo from here…

F5 Shape Security – Free Demo/ Trial


BitNinja provides Linux server protection for large hosting providers and small businesses equally.

Every BitNinja-protected server worldwide shares attack information with each other, resulting in a more intelligent and stronger protection shield for every single assault.

It’s called the Defense Network, which uses the power of the Ninja Community.

Moreover, it has the most effective malware scanner in the market due to its new Quick and Deep scan approach.

It’s effortless to use because it is fast to install with one line of code, so the server protection is up and running in no time.

It requires no maintenance and just keeps running in the background and protecting servers while business owners can concentrate on other aspects of their business with peace of mind.

After the installation, server owners can notice an increased server capacity caused by the significant drop in the server load.

Furthermore, server owners can oversee their whole server infrastructure because of their at-a-glance panel, where all the most important, real-time information is available.

With one-time login, managing a smaller group of machines within the bigger one or managing servers individually is also possible.

Key Features

  • Resource-friendly approach
  • Automated process
  • Powerful and effective

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Best Defense Increase load on the server which in turn increases boot time
Compatibility with most third-party software Not Highly effective for Content scraping
Easy to install and configure

Demo video


you can get a free trial and personalized demo from here..

BitNinjaFree Demo/ Trial

Reblaze Bot Management

Reblaze contains full bot protection software in its comprehensive web security platform.

Hostile traffic is blocked in the cloud before it reaches the protected network. Processing latency is minimal: ~0.5 ms.

Further, web applications and API servers receive only legitimate requests.

They remain secure, responsive, and performant.

The reasons for Reblaze’s fast processing are that it can eliminate a lot of bot traffic, such as DDoS attacks immediately.

It also has a large blacklist.

The remaining tests of Reblaze look at the Application Layer and identify account takeover activity, click fraud, scalping, inventory hoarding, card fraud, and content scraping.

The account dashboard allows you to alter the scanning process through options such as whitelisting. Data in the dashboard reports all activities.

It shows the traffic that was blocked and it also details the activities of permitted visitors, which is a useful tool for marketers and Web designers. Reblaze is available for a 30-day free trial.

Key Features.

  • DDoS blocker
  • High-speed scans
  • Fraud detection
  • Account takeover identification

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Content delivery network Reblaze doesn’t publish a price list
Blacklisting and whitelisting Pro Plans are quite expensive
Constant availability

Demo video


you can get a free trial and personalized demo from here..

ReblazeFree Demo/ Trial


Email security blocks phishing, malware, spam, viruses, and other malicious email threats.

SpamTitan email protection solutions provide advanced and easy-to-use email protection for your business.

SpamTitan is an email filtering service that tracks incoming and outgoing emails.

The system provides bot protection when examining incoming emails and data loss prevention when handling outgoing mail.

Bot protection Tools include a blacklist of known spam sources, also searches for keywords that point out known spam or phishing campaign texts. 

The service will also examine for spoofing. Other actions in the inbound filter include link checking and malware detection.

Key Features.

  • Spambot blacklist
  • Phishing and impersonation detection
  • Malware blocking
  • Advanced Phishing Protection

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Scans of incoming and outgoing emails Doesn’t integrate with Gmail
On-premises or cloud deployment options Increase load on the server
Includes data loss prevention

Demo video


you can get a free trial and personalized demo from here..

SpamTitanFree Demo/ Trial

Radware Bot Manager

Radware Bot Manager is a real-time web bot protection Tool for all web, mobile, and API endpoints.

It protects online revenue, reduces the risk of data breaches, and improves operational efficiency.

Bot Manager provides precise bot management across all channels by combining behavioral modeling for granular intent analysis, collective bot intelligence, and fingerprinting of browsers, devices, and machines. 

It protects against all forms of account takeover (credential stuffing, brute force, etc.), denial of inventory, DDoS, ad and payment fraud, and web scraping to help organizations safeguard and grow their online operations.

Traffic filtering is implemented very quickly and detailed Application-level checks can take time to reach conclusions.

These behavior-tracking checks utilize machine learning to record typical behavior and identify bot activity. The Bot Manager is available for a 30-day free trial.

Key Features.

  • Intent-based deep behavioral analysis
  • Embedded machine-learning modules that learn and evolve from feedback received
  • Device and browser fingerprinting
  • Anomaly detection based on automated identification of a genuine user flow

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Traffic source assessment Malicious traffic still reaches your Web server
Adaptable responses Not suits for DDoS Attacks
Attack back option

Demo video


you can get a free trial and personalized demo from here…

Radware Bot ManagerFree Demo/ Trial


Mailwasher is a leader in spam filter software that helps to easiest way to check and manage your e-mails before you download them to your computer.

More than 8 million people use MailWasher for their spam filter.

It is free to use and won’t ever expire.

It works with Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, EM Client, and every other email program.

This spam blocker software can be used effectively to stop email spam.

It is very easy to set up and use and you’ll be managing your email like a pro in seconds. 

It can even be used as an effective privacy tool since spammers can’t tell if you’ve read your email in MailWasher. 

It uses a blacklist system to bounce back emails from spambots as though the email address was malformed.

The Mailwasher Free edition is the same as Pro but it is limited to use with one email address.

Key Features

  • Delete e-mails before downloading them to your computer
  • Easy to use – familiar look and feel of most other email programs
  • Easily preview the messages in your email account.

Pros and Cons

Pros Cons
Low-cost system for small businesses Not suitable for large-scale businesses
Allows emails to be sandboxed and previewed Suitable only for Email
Malware blocker
Table for Pros & Cons of Mailwasher

Mailwasher – Free Demo/ Trial


Thus, these are one of the Best bot mitigation software Tools available on the internet, and we have chosen them, as they are cost-effective and user-friendly applications.

We have given detailed information on the top 10 bot mitigation software tools.

The quality of your bot detection software depends on your risk factor and appetite. Use whichever is feasible for you.

If you have any other bot protection software tools that you have used and think are good, then please let us know in the comment section below.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What is Bot Protection Software?

Bot protection software helps users to identify and block malicious traffic and let through only legitimate traffic.
Malicious Bots share a major traffic ratio in World’s web traffic, and blocking them is crucial to prevent outages, Fraud, account takeover, and other malicious activities.

How Bots are Detected?

Bot detection requires detailed analysis as bot developers continue to find more sophisticated ways to accomplish their goals.
Some of the ways to detect bots;
1.The sudden increase in website traffic.
2. A large number of packers from certain IP ranges.
3. Dip in server performance.

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